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A Feng Shui study determines the balance of sources and thus produce vitality in your home.

Better use of your space, promote circulation, know the colors that match your energy map, to feel good. A new environment that can release energy to support your personal project. A better knowledge of its habitat by Feng Shui.

For example, the front door is considered the « mouth of chi », whereby energy is defined and distributed in your home should have a active energy. The door should be in a clean and clear area to induce vitality and does not disperse energy.

For example, avoid too many angles in your room, or loud colors in a quiet oriented pieces such as a library.

A first approach by reading the forms already offers solutions.

A consultation allows you to:

  • Identify the imbalance vectors present in your home
  • Accompany with a better knowledge of oneself
  • Tapping the positive as negative
  • Provide simple and accessible remedy
What happens during a consultation ?
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"Feng Shui is the way to open the door on a new vitality"

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