What happens during a consultation ?

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The tour lasts 2 or 3 hours depending on the living area. During this on site pre-analysis, notes are taken on the direction of energy and existing facilities. A verbal exchange on the history of the place and its people takes place informally. All information exchanged remains confidential.

My working tool is mainly the Chinese compass « Lo- Pan » that allows to qualify the energy - according to the cycle of the 5 elements - on the premises. This traditional approach is also done by calculations taking into account the movements of the planets, the Luno-solar Chinese calendar and the 64 hexagrams of the I- Ching .

Additionally, Geo-biology can provide valuable information about the health field that welcomes your residence.

All these elements, based on a traditional method for assessing the adequacy with your environment and identify specific areas to optimize.

As in acupuncture, the goal is to balance the energy flow.

An estimate will be made and at the conclusion of the offer, a full analysis report is delivered.

Rates depend on the surface of the housing and the whole issue.

Home visit from CHF 140.- per hour.

Comprehensive expertise of an average house, from CHF 480.-

Home of over 200m2 : on estimate

I move willingly in Switzerland for a quote.

In each taking personal development hand, it is important to know what part of your life you wish to improve.

Birth dates are also a key information. They allow for a reading of the adequacy of the residents.

Also, have a clear objective of what you expect from a consultation is winning favor for each party to formulate what part of your life you wish to improve.

The results of Feng Shui are real and sustainable.
A consultation can improve your health, your relationships, your career, your wealth and happiness.

To conduct a comprehensive study as accurate as possible, a plan of the premises is requested at the meeting .

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